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  Below is a list of all those poor souls moidered in their prime by the glorious (and non-gloating Atlantic Alliance). We'll be keeping this up to date, mainly for self-glorification purposes.

To make sense of this, let it be known that the rank listed is the rank of the latest time we killed them, for those unlucky folks killed twice or thrice. We don't go in and update ranks unless we've dealt with that customer again. The "*" means that at the time, that person was in a leadership position in the mentioned alliance.

On top of that, please note that we've suffered 11 horrendous individual casualties while taking out these honkees. Each of those fighting men had families, and those families suffered dearly at seeing our players be upset by their own death. Please end the suffering, everyone, and submit to the Atlantic Alliance today!.
Marshall Marder
Dark Legion* (Pavement)

    Lt. General
Lt. General Tdb
Highlander Clan* (Pavement)
Lt. General CHINGON
The Inquisition* (Pavement)

Colonel Bomber
Bomb Squad* (Plush)
Colonel A.I.
-Seishun- (Pavement)


    Lt. Colonel
Lt. Col XLR8
The Inquisition (Plush)
Lt. Col Shade
Mana Ring* (Plush)
Lt. Colonel Wasp (x2)
Raging Rhetoric* (Sparrow)
Raging Rhetoric* (Trotsky)
Lt. Col MicroAge (x2)
Manhattan Project* (Mammoth)
Manhattan Project* (Eradicatorr)


Major Velzar
-Seishun-* (Snake Eyes)
Major Darke
Highlander Clan (Pavement)


Captain LI HENG
The Inquisition (Pavement)
Captain Arielle
Highlander Clan (Snake Eyes)
Captain ROsWeLL (x2)
Tha Alkaholics* (Plush)
Tha Alkaholics* (Snake Eyes)
Captain Sparhawk (x2)
Tha Alkaholics (Trotksy)
Cannon Fodder (Pavement)


Lieutenant Cearbal
The Inquisition (Plush)
Lieutenant Darkcorner
Manhattan Project (Pavement)
Lieutenant Ryal
Raging Rhetoric (Trotsky)
Lieutenant AngeloFiat
The Inquisition (Mammoth)
Lieutenant Sloman (x2)
Raging Rhetoric (Trotsky)
Raging Rhetoric(Sparrow)


Sergeant Warblade
The Inquisition (Sparrow)
Sergeant MMc
GI Joes and Barbie* (Pavement)
Sergeant Asmo
Goblin Hordes (Plush)
Sergeant Morphius
Shape Shifters (Pavement)
Sergeant Captn Crunch (x2)
Manhattan Project (Pavement)
Manhattan Project (Snake Eyes)


Corporal Crimson Falcon
Drache Krieger* (Pavement)
Corporal Claymore
Tha AlkAhoLikS (Pavement)
Corporal Quazgar
Irish Drunks (Pavement)
Corporal Sven
Kick Ass* (Plush)


Private Skyrider
The Inquisition (Pavement)
Private Hawk
Shape Shifters* (Mammoth)
Private Ruben
Mana Ring (Plush)
Private Blazen-Dragon
Drache Krieger (Pavement)
USMC* (Sparrow)
Irish Drunks (Pavement)
Private Edeaux
Tha Alkaholics (Trotsky)
Private Load (x2)
Drache Krieger (Snake Eyes)
Cannon Fodder (Pavement)


Soldier Frenchie
Cannon Fodder (Plush)
Soldier Nosferatu
Tha AlkAhoLikS (Plush)
Soldier Goblin King
Goblin Hordes* (Plush)
Soldier BlackDeath
House of Pain (Pavement)
Soldier Satori
House of Pain (Snake Eyes)
Soldier Davidge
The Horror (Pavement)
Soldier Brink
Vulcan's Fury (Plush)
Soldier The slapper
ELimiNaTiON (Plush)


Recruit LazyRat
UFP (Pavement)
Recruit Auslander
Vulcan's Fury (Mammoth)
Recruit WebGuy
UFP* (Pavement)
Recruit Sidewinder
KnightsThatSayKnee (Snake Eyes)
Recruit Lavos
KnightsThatSayKnee (Eradicatorr)
Recruit MI13
GI Joes and Barbie (Pavement)
Recruit Barbarian
ELimiNaTiON (Eradicatorr)
Recruit Badboy4
Password is abc (Snake Eyes)
Recruit Jumper (x2)
Vulcan's Fury* (Snake Eyes)
Vulcan's Fury* (Frank Sinatra)
Recruit Stormcrow (x2)
Vulcan's Fury (Frank Sinatra)
USMC (Sparrow)


Cadet Bctalen
Password is abc (Snake Eyes)
Cadet Wodan
The BIGR the Better (Plush)