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  Okay, we don't know how you found this page if you don't know what Metal Knights is. We are... confused. We are... puzzled. Of course, we put this page here, so perhaps we're as much to blame. So let's move on, and the less said about this the better.

Metal Knights is a turn-based Internet strategy game. You take over cities, develop military technology, and crush your enemies under your jack-boot of oppression (or the sandal of democracy). There can be up to 10 players in each game, and sometimes the players can be allied! Big surprise there folks.

But the cool thing is that it's free! You can download it from the Metal Knights server and be playing in a matter of minutes (even if you have a stinky modem like me). If you want to play the game at your full potential, you'll have to register, which costs about $20. So, if you haven't got it already, go there now and get it! Of course, 99% of you have it, or you wouldn't be here. So here's some of the stuff we'll put on this page:

  • Tilesets (okay, just the Wargame.set)
  • Hints and Strategies (but probably not the game-winning juicy ones - just the basics)
  • Links - here's one now! Metal Knights Home Page

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