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  Gee Whiz, what a floppy last month. Mr. Eradicatorr has been vacationing for a while still and hasn't put up the member photos for Sparrow and Trotsky, who have been in our cult for almost a month each now. So sad, and I've been too busy to do anything but secret nefarious documents and losing four games in a row (now there's an accomplishment!).

So, with the counter approaching 1000 hits, I've decided to put something a little special up, to make up for the gaudy wallpaper and out of date members profile. Let us call it "nothing".

But besides the "nothing", notice that the Hall Of Death section has a brand new set of corpses lined up in it, like always. Thanks to Mana Ring in their last Mk.Com game, as well as the Goblin Hordes and the loveable Asmo.

So, I'm sure we all feel cheated by this text of dense, soggy material, so I'd recommend checking out another game on the Mk.Com server, or even reading a book. Keep on living. Yeah. (?)

Signed, Sealed, and Certified by Lt. Colonel Pavement

(As a wee little disclaimer I'll have to state that the surly Eradicatorr is responsible for all our graphics & setup, so send all hate/love letters to him. The All Original Hall of Death is maintained by Pavement. Eradicatorr also concieves those incredibly frank descriptions of all of our members, and everything else. I have suspicion that he also draws those pictures of our members... psychically... without ever seeing any of our faces! I find it most striking that they are so perfectly correct, although most of us have never met!)


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